Annual Wellness Visits

The annual wellness visit is different from the traditional routine physical because it screens for risks specific to the senior population (such as fall prevention, for instance).  Your annual wellness visit is the only preventative visit that Medicare will reimburse.  Your physician will provide you with a written list of tests and interventions that he recommends specifically for you.  Schedule your annual wellness visit and focus on your physical, mental, and emotional health.


Diabetes Care & Education

Although diabetes is a common disease every patient needs a unique and individualized treatment plan. Our physicians are committed to utilizing the most up to date medication and educational materials in order to provide the most effective treatment plan for their patients.

Medical Care Web

Medical Care & Education

Our group of Physicians and Nurse Practitioners strive to achieve the highest goals and standards in medical care and education.  As primary care physicians we provide services for most medical concerns from the common cold, mammograms, and/or back pain, to the care, treatment, and education of diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal disease and the coordination of care or patients with multiple medical problems.

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Advanced Directive Counseling

Although end of life advanced care planning may be a difficult subject, our Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are committed to educating and providing assistance to determine which type of care best fit patient’s personal wishes and share their wishes with family and other healthcare professionals.


Womens' Healthcare

Well woman checkups are a very important part of staying healthy. This service includes a yearly breast and pelvic exam and as determined a yearly or bi-yearly pap smear. Our Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are here to take special care and provide thoughtful attention to our patient’s specific needs.


Chronic Care Management

Chronic care refers to medical care which addresses long term illnesses.  Our Physicians and staff are dedicated to providing high quality care and care coordination between multiple providers.  Our care team will formulate an individualized care plan for you and provide education and resources specific to your healthcare needs.